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My dad appeared confident, at least on the outside. But mom seemed comparatively more insecure. However, appearances are often misleading.

As I said, my mom didn’t appear confident in an extroverted manner. At the same time, I felt her presence as a calm and steady person, committed to her connections. Regardless of how old either of us got or where in the country we lived, she remained my mom. I was always her son. Our relationship instilled me with calm confidence.

There is something about relationships with other people that bring out our best. It’s not a given, truly. Get in bed with the wrong person, personally or professionally, and you’ll feel the pressure to behave in ways that make you feel uneasy. If you’re lucky, you’ll begin to question yourself, your motives, and your values. This is a healthy way forward. When you’re not so fortunate, you’ll remain stuck and unaware of why you’re in an unhappy struggle.

Connections with the right people inspire us. They naturally encourage us to make daily decisions that we can feel proud of, that lead toward safety and security, with opportunities for creative self-expression and financial success. These relationships are the best. They’re desirable and we’re enviable of those that seem to have them.


Our networks are important. They’re everything. Have them and thrive. Struggle without them. Their relationship opportunities are a source of fun and entertainment. At the same time, they provide us with support. They challenge us to become our best. In short, we cannot live happily without them.

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As an Executive coach and licensed Psychologist, I assist professionals, individual entrepreneurs, and corporate clients with interests and challenges related to personal and professional leadership. Posts reflect client concerns and actions. You don't need to be an executive to secure coaching for yourself, but you should have a degree of ambition. Strategizing on how your career or life might improve and move forward takes time for reflection, either on your own or through dialogue. Opportunity is required to reflect well upon new and detailed information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Sound consideration leads to a strategy that produces informed action, which precedes success. Wear your strengths like a badge of honor & be cautious of areas you may tend to error in.

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