4 Calgary Locations Calgary Psychologists

TD Canada Trust tower, Sun life plaza, Altius Centre, Crowfoot bus center.

Calgary Psychology location
Calgary Psychologists. Located in TD Canada Trust tower Downtown Calgary

  • Psychologists are available Wednesdays.
  • Suite 3000, TD Canada Trust Tower
  • 421 – 7th Ave SW.
  • One of our particular interests is in working with those who are looking for something more than regular counseling sessions. You might be ready to learn more about yourself & others. Have a desire to improve your personal & professional situations? Interested in “Emotional Intelligence?” “Anger Management” or “Stress Management?” Leadership Coaching utilizes Psychoeducational assessments for these and other situations. They help us to focus on and illuminate your personal strengths, translating into performance enhancement. Also valuable for career counselling. Not limited to TD Psychologists location.

Calgary Psychology locationSun Life Plaza West Tower. 2nd Downtown Calgary Location

    • Psychologists are available every Tues & Thurs.
    • Suite 1600, Sun Life Plaza West Tower,
    • 144 – 4 Avenue SW.
    • Anger Management sessions. Focus on illuminating your strengths. We’ll ensure that you’re correctly aware of your anger-related mistakes. Two psychological assessments will establish that you are precisely mindful of where your anger lies. Plus they’ll assist you to focus on promoting your unrealized strengths. Not limited to TD Psychologists location. Not limited to SunLife Psychology location.

Altius-Psychology                       Altius Centre. 3rd Calgary Psychology downtown location


    • Psychologists are available Fridays.
    • Suite 2500, Altius Centre,
    • 500 – 4th Avenue SW.
    • Couples Sessions utilize psychological assessments, too. It’s not always flattering, but by taking an in-depth view of your strengths and vulnerabilities you’ll know precisely what to avoid. Not limited to Altius Psychologists location.

Calgary Psychology locationsCrowfoot West Business Centre. 4th Calgary Psychology location

    • Psychologists are available on Mondays, except holidays.
    • Suite 340, Crowfoot West Business Centre,
    • 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW.
    • Your creative interests may include many different things – Spirituality – but can mean assessing your emotional intelligence, too. Whatever you believe that life is all about – it probably is true. Not limited to Crowfoot Psychology location. Two of  Calgary Psychologists’ specialties include Leadership Coaching and Anger Management.

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