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Our Philosophy – Increased Self-awareness


We are a small group of highly independent Psychologists. We and our practice are on a journey. Like you, we are on the move and our story is unfolding. We collaborate, support & encourage each other, and we will do the same for you. 

Our story: “This practice was started back in 2003 to reflect the motto “Live well – Feel great!” The original intention remains today as it was back then: Cultivate calm, nurture healing, recovery, integration, and personal and professional development.  What we do is self evident. How we do it, depends upon you. You’re an original. Counseling, therapy and coaching should therefore be customized to meet your individual needs.” Let’s move forward together to achieve our dreams. You can book your first customized session here          Richard W. Anton

Studies have shown that clients feel most helped by treatment based upon who the therapist is, rather than his or her theoretical background, academic achievements and so on. Clients want a therapist that has achieved success and satisfaction in their own lives. They want a therapist that will speak to them simply and forthrightly, communicating from genuine wisdom and direct experience rather than mere “book learning.”

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology therapists are hand-selected, first and foremost, for their personalities, their feel as real people, yet they are professional therapists, collectively motivated and brought together to provide the highest level of psychological care – providing a creative service that is research based as well as clinically informed and aimed at your growing edge. If you are concerned about anything of your own, you can schedule an appointment to talk, by clicking here.

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