“Everyone is doing the best they can.” “The “self-image” is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.” Maxwell Maltz, M.D. Everything we create in life begins in mind, first, so why not create heaven? Why not go after your biggest dream? It’s the… Continue reading Self-Image

A Personal Pace

Perception is Self-Care Start feeling happier. If you perceive your feelings as good or natural, you’ll feel better than if you perceive the same feelings to be a sign of weakness, or that there is something wrong with you. Be honest with yourself and consider developing a new “Personal Pace” for yourself. It’s time to… Continue reading A Personal Pace

Rhythmic Undercurrent

There is a rhythmic undercurrent to life. It can’t really be explained, only sensed. It’s there when we fail. Again, when we’re suffering, and even when we’re smiling or feeling on top of the world. It is definitely a part of what makes miracles. It’s important, perhaps essential to align our goal-related efforts with larger… Continue reading Rhythmic Undercurrent

Spectrum of Discipline

What’s your process? What do you do once you realize you’re out of sync? “Go do what you already know how to do.” Dottie Pepper recalls advice given to her by PGA professional Judy Rankin. It’s not true that we’re either disciplined or not. There is a spectrum of discipline. Most of us share a… Continue reading Spectrum of Discipline

High-Performance Culture

A tabletop set with calligraphy brushes, paper, statue and various accompaniments .

A “High-Performance Culture” has to do with a collective vision. It entails that many, if not all, people within a specific culture hold to this same or similar vision. In this case, a collective idea of becoming a high-performance culture through a process of personal and professional improvement. – Richard W. Anton I am noticing… Continue reading High-Performance Culture

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