When you allow yourself to think and feel as if you’re a fierce competitor, you will naturally begin to perform at a higher level. This holds true, unless you put undue pressure onĀ  yourself. Please don’t do it. Instead, imagine your best performance.

Your central engine or how you’re thinking and feeling is just as potent as your physical state, perhaps more so. Physical strength & health is essential depending upon the nature of competition. Psychological strength & health is far more valuable for most of us. Our central engine is both strong and sensitive, at the same time.

What this means is that in order to bring our best performances we also need to have the best mental sets or states of mind. So when we experience too much stress, our performance falters. No stress is not ideal either. Our best performances are associated with optimal levels of mental arousal. That is unique for every individual.

This is especially true, if we’re in some stage of recovery. If we are stretching ourselves to be even more competitive in our careers. Working with a Psychologist or senior coach may be indispensable. We all have preferences, so choose wisely. Get involved with “performance coaching,” or 2 – 3 individual sessions first.


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