Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching concerns itself with multiple factors. Creating a collaborative spirit. Coming together to creatively compose something unique that is only possible through your combined efforts. Respectful and loving communication is the underlying technical coding that creates either a satisfying relationship or one that is tense, argumentative, even hostile. What is the emotional tone you’re creating?

Couples Coaching

Engage in six sessions of coaching and one strengths-focused assessment or secure 2 – 3 individual sessions before you decide. Please, do not wait for the two of you to agree that you have an issue before you come in. Preemptive coaching sessions function well as a measure against a feared or potential issue and are designed to optimize communication between yourself and your partner.

Couples Coaching exercise for the two of you.

Remember or imagine an exceptional moment. Ideally, one that the two of you can share. How does it feel to simply hold this image in your mind? What action or series of actions will you do to improve the likelihood that the two of you will experience this special feeling, again? Calgary Psychologists International

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