Creative Interests

When I think about writers, athletes, and performers, I feel inspired. They are beautiful examples of people who are motivated by their creative spirit and following their creative interests. Stimulating themselves – with extreme self-care – they inspire and entertain in the process.

On a more profound level – many of the most creative and successful among us – stand as exemplars for us to learn from and follow. Let me ask you a question. How does “evolution” work? It seems obvious, that eventually, we all take a cue from those who are exceptionally happy and well-adjusted. Generally, a culture evolves in the direction of those few stand-outs who the rest of us instinctively desire to emulate.

Feel Inspired

If you yearn deeply to follow and join these fortunate few, I too yearn to support and to assist you. Creative Counseling may help you find freedom for yourself and to give expression to your creative spirit. It begins as a sense, like two eyes peeking out from a safe little nook. Coax them out, if it is what you want to find living in nature, and if we are to enjoy a flourishing environment.

Meditation creates Momentum

I have found meditation to be a helpful process that encourages the expression of my inner life. It stabilizes me emotionally. I feel grounded and secure. Occasionally, I feel inspired. A disciplined life is what I’m talking about here. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be meditation, but even utilizing a sport, such as golf, might be sufficient to help us develop a stronger sense of discipline.


Over the last 25 years or so, there has been a lot published about the mind and the brain. In a nutshell, the brain will function the way the mind programs it. How do we program ourselves? It’s important to realize the difference between the two. The brain is like our hardware, and the mind is what we can achieve with it.

So, we program ourselves through our focus. For example. When we focus our mind on feeling depressed, the brain sends out corresponding hormones. At that point, we start to really be convinced that we’re depressed. Focus on more optimistic aspects of life, what we’re grateful for, and we get significantly different results.


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