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Did you know that your 8 PM appointment in Madrid is 12 noon for me?

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Counseling your “emotions to evolve,” so you can experience “emotional power” is our specialty.


Emotions – This is who we are 🙂

Emotional Power is about feeling your best – safe, confident, & creative. There is nothing more valuable than feeling your best. We do (meditation, for example) to generate this emotional energy is of equal value. Not just anything will do. Each behavioral pattern that we might choose from will generate a different and unique emotional signature.

Feeling our best and being creative is a gift that might vanish from wherever it came from if not treated with the respect it deserves. This is both my perspective and a metaphysical one. We need and want “emotional power” and “spiritual power” for every moment of our lives. We have emotional needs that deserve to be fulfilled. Many ways exist to generate Emotional Power, but it takes effort, and support is essential.

If, in your journey, you can see how getting personal support can assist you in your desire to experience a state of emotional evolution, book your first session here.

CounselingThis is what we’re all about 🙂

100% of ALL appointments are now virtual. We’ve been providing our present clients with Zoom sessions & Coaching by  Phone throughout the COVID pandemic with great success. These sessions are both convenient & confidential. They’re the responsible choice. Try something new & explore one for yourself. 🙂

ZOOM sessions X
coaching by phone ii

If you’d prefer an in-person session, know that we normally also offer this alternative at all of our locations. Sanitisation and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort. Wearing a mask is mandatory in reception and all hallway areas, but NOT in our private offices.


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