Live Well & Save Your Soul

Metaphors for Spiritual Energy

Live well and save your soul. Life is evolving, unfolding. As participants, we feel it growing and moving. The direction is one we can only influence. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Woody Allen

We live well by considering “how” we go about doing our everyday tasks. Another way of saying this is . . . “Our process is an essential key to the quality of our experience.” Allow unsavory values such as greed and power to direct our days and we experience a completely different day than if love, relationships, and creativity were to guide us.

I know there is often great pressure for us to function differently from what we might think of as “ideal.” Work-place pressure is a fine example. “Get things done fast. Complete tasks that someone else came up with. Report to an individual that you don’t really respect.” Despite our lack of “control” we continue to have “influence.”

Regardless of life’s pressures, it is important for me to imagine that I can warm myself by leaning into life’s flame. Life is nurturing me. To think that I can evolve and mature, simply by facing and growing toward life’s light, is more than meaningful to me. It is my journey. My personal purpose in life is to live well, fulfill my potential, and graciously I find that I can utilize life’s energy and “Spiritual Momentum” to guide me and keep me safe on my journey. This is how I influence my life.

The big Hollywood screen has often portrayed life’s destiny as an aggressive battle. This may make for an entertaining evening at the movies, but is, I think, inaccurate. Life’s mission, I shall call it, is likely less of a battle and more of an inner journey, and a challenge to live well. It could be about saving your soul. Life’s purpose, if we are to call it a purpose at all, is played, more eloquently on a landscape of love rather than on a battlefield.

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