Altius Psychologists


Altius Psychologists are located on the 25th floor of Altius Centre in Calgary. Situated in a prominent 32-story office tower at 5th Street and 4th Avenue SW. Altius Centre houses a dynamic mix of companies in industries ranging from communications to energy. Its direct connection to the Plus 15 walkway links you to most significant buildings in the central business district. This gives you easy access to countless amenities and resources within a few miles of your workspace.

Calgary Psychologists are very happy to have our 3rd downtown office located here. 500 4th Avenue SW, Suite 2500, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2V6

Calgary PsychologistsAnton Counseling & Health Psychology is available every Friday. Altogether, we have four Calgary locations – most importantly – all 4 Calgary locations are either centralized around the larger downtown area or are easily located near C-train access and neighborhood shopping centers. Shop, workout, and grab lunch easily. Altius Centre is centrally located between the CORE center and Eau Claire Market, two premier shopping destinations featuring trendy retailers, eclectic boutiques and gourmet restaurants.


We are Calgary Psychologists or Calgary Counselling Psychologists. You can access us at any of our four Calgary locations. Altius Psychologists, Sun Life Psychology, Crowfoot Psychology, and TD Canada Trust Crowfoot Calgary. Locate us through useful terms such as Altius Psychologists, TD Canada Trust Psychology, Sun Life Plaza Psychology, Hanson Square Psychology, and TD Psychologists. Finally, we can be found under Richard Anton Psychology, Richard Anton Calgary, Calgary Richard Anton, Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, Calgary Counselling Psychologists, & Anton Counseling.

As an Executive coach and licensed Psychologist, I assist professionals, individual entrepreneurs, and corporate clients with interests and challenges related to personal and professional leadership. Posts reflect client concerns and actions. You don't need to be an executive to secure coaching for yourself, but you should have a degree of ambition. Strategizing on how your career or life might improve and move forward takes time for reflection, either on your own or through dialogue. Opportunity is required to reflect well upon new and detailed information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Sound consideration leads to a strategy that produces informed action, which precedes success. Wear your strengths like a badge of honor & be cautious of areas you may tend to error in.

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