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Sun Life Plaza is a large high-rise office complex in downtown Calgary, located at 144 – 4 Ave SW, T2P 3N4. A big, shared entrance hall links this 3-tower complex. It creates a welcoming neighborhood mezzanine for lots of retail outlets — three identical skyscrapers, labeled as North, East and West Towers.

Calgary Psychologists’Anton Counseling & Health Psychology” is available every Tuesday & Thursday. Our office is on the 16th floor of the West Tower. Underground parking is available across the street at the James Short car park, which links both Sunlife Plaza & Suncore. Altogether, we have four Calgary locations – most importantly – all 4 Calgary locations are either centralized around downtown or are easily located near C-train access and neighborhood shopping centers.

Health & Well-being

Life enjoyment is a leading cause of your physical health & overall well-being. Psychological wellbeing is created by working our central engine – our thoughts, feelings, & behaviors. When we’re able to access positive thoughts about a situation we also experience positive emotions.

Our thoughts can be either conscious or unconscious – it doesn’t matter – we don’t have to be aware of them before they control our behaviors. When our thoughts, beliefs, & assumptions are unconscious, they create far more rigid actions and reactions, regardless of whether they define our experiences as positive or negative.

Ideally, if our way of thinking can handle our situations in a positive way, we feel happy & have better mental health. The problem, however, is that we too often react rigidly and with negative behaviors. This kind of reaction creates an bad impact on our mental health, and we feel unhappy. The choice is obvious, but not as easy.


We are Calgary Psychologists or Calgary Counselling Psychologists. You can access us at any of our four Calgary locations. Hanson Plaza Psychologists, Sun Life Psychology, Crowfoot Psychology, and TD Canada Trust Crowfoot Calgary. Also, Hanson Plaza Psychology, TD Canada Trust Psychology, &  Sun Life Plaza Psychology. Alternatively, Hanson Square Psychology and TD Psychologists are other common searchable terms. Finally, we can be found under Richard Anton Psychology, Richard Anton Calgary, & Calgary Richard Anton. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, Calgary Counselling Psychologists, & Anton Counseling.

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