Master the Wave

A wave is alive. It’s bigger than we are and it’s always in motion. A wave works as a powerful symbol or metaphor for life. We need to align ourselves with it or be crushed by it. If we’re smart, we can learn to ride the wave. If we’re exceptional, we understand that it’s both exciting and necessary in order to realize success. If you like meditation, try this exercise.


One of the problems many of us have when it comes to learning how to master the wave is that we tend to over-focus on ourselves and our own goals. We neglect the wave and we get crushed by it. At the very least, our efforts get hampered, even blocked. We must become the master of our own destiny and master the wave. Ride the wave by mastering yourself.

Becoming a Better Person – What Should I Do?

Key Consideration: Do you consider yourself to be perfect? No? So you do have something that you could work on. Personal development or improvement is about what’s important, valuable, and meaningful to you.

You’re not attempting to earn another degree or designation. Of course, you’re striving to learn and develop another new skill-set, but this time, the significance of the content is your choice and completely up to you. Typically, self-improvement targets our interpersonal skills (the domain of psychologists), since few of us seem to be able to function at our best, due in part to our busy and stress-filled lives.


When it comes to our energy levels, sometimes I prefer “high energy” with friends and family, running, and anything that is exciting. But there are also times that I prefer a “calm energy” that I access to prepare myself for upcoming situations. I enjoy spending time alone, in contemplation, considering my future, my business, personal spiritual beliefs, and anything that allows me to experience a peaceful, mystical, inspirational feeling.

Is this healthy and desirable? Absolutely! I realize that many of us strive to maintain a sense of being “up or on” most of the time, but this is not doable, natural, or healthy. I suggest that our efforts will be better spent on learning how to “ride the wave” up and down.

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