Meditation Practice

Life has its way. Too often it’s out of alignment with the way we want things to go. Meditation, however, is the discipline that “tunes in” life. Through meditation, outer life begins to mingle peacefully with our own inner life. Life’s way starts to be similar to the way we want things to be.

Meditation assists us with personal development. I mean, we desire a better life and we try to make things happen. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, no real improvements are realized. Meditation assists us by 1) changing any new feelings we have about the changes we have made from uncomfortable to calm. New feelings become acceptable.

Meditation assists me to change my mental and emotional state. Always to a preferred state of calm and confidence. As a reslt my decisions lead to better outcomes. One thing I’m certain of is that my “states” are always on the move. Much like the weather, a new front is always coming.