Momentum & Peak Performance

One of the primary objectives of meditation is to quiet the mind. Assist us to consistently make better decisions. As we sit quietly and still, we attempt to follow one final thought to its completion. Once there, allow our focus to rest – right there – on that endpoint. With practice, we can maintain a relatively quiet mind for more extended periods.

Imagine a burning candle. Now see yourself blowing out the flame. Watch the smoke that streams upwards. Focus on it to its end. Finally, allow your attention to rest – right there – as long as possible, until you notice a second thought beginning to mingle precisely where the previous one was.


Meditation will allow your mind to evolve and to advance to a new level of performance. Most importantly, a meditative mind will bring focus and valuable energy to your projects. Allow your meditative state to create or put you in touch with a beautiful, emotional state. This is your performance zone.

Calm your mind, preparing yourself to experience an optimal performance state; a state that is neither aggressive nor passive (neither pushy or avoidant); not meek or arrogant. A state that capitalizes on the natural rhythms of our unconscious mind. Stress cools down and contracts our comfort zone, restricting our range of proficient behaviors. Meditation usually warms up our comfort zone. As it relaxes, it expands. As a pleasant result, we have optimized our ability to do more of what works.

Consequently, you’ll realize your zone, find yourself getting positively engrossed, and utterly immersed in your work. Personally, I experience my personal performance levels function at a more competitive level while I am experiencing the calm meditative “feels,” as Tiger Woods puts it. I must throw myself into the mix of competition and maintain my meditative zone. Click this link to access your Psychologist of Choice. Psychological Services.


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