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Richard W. Anton MA, BA, Dip Ed


Calgary’s Performance Coach

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology has been established since 2003 as a part of Calgary Psychologists International. Coaching Leaders since 2011. Think of me as your Performance Coach. You want to reduce your stress, have better relationships, & more explicit, persuasive communication. Feel accepted, appreciated, and respected. Feel happier & more confident. Richard Anton is a senior counseling psychologist, an executive coach, & a public speaker.

Therapeutic Process

Trained Executive Coach with a particular interest in leadership & a licensed Calgary Psychologist. Proficient with cognitive therapies & behavioral therapy. Recover or enhance your mental health, with a focus on cognitive processing & cognitive restructuring.

Positive Psychology

For Calgary Psychologists, the therapeutic process begins before you even arrive at the office for your first visit. Once you’re here, you’ll be exposed to a professional approach to providing therapy that is steeped in positive psychology. You’ll be able to raise your coping strategy. My style involves assisting you in the development of new skills. Their implementation will elevate your performance and help you to bring your goals to life. You will feel better, more confident.

Psychological Coaching

This is a strength-based coaching approach. It includes the use of strength-based assessments (where applicable). These assessments will provide you with objective and practical feedback. As such, I’ll work with you to uncover your strengths. You’ll be set up to utilize those strengths to face personal or professional challenges.


For those times when you want to feel more focused and be less distractable: Calgary Psychologists may also recommend hypnotherapy or suggest imagery & visualization.  As in sports psychology, I urge you to use your imagination. “See yourself” experiencing your best in a range of situations or environments. Maintain high performance while in stressful or challenging situations, and perform at a very high level of confidence.


Richard’s experience with individuals and couples led him to develop his leadership performance approach. Self-care and personal responsibility are the foundation on which personal/professional success and happiness is built.  I will accept, encourage, challenge, and inspire you. Working together will improve your ability to create the emotional and interpersonal experiences you desire.

Create a version of yourself that inspires you

  • First, continuous improvement is one of my core values and goals. I will bring optimism and have a positive influence on you. This is an essential aspect of my personality and not just an expectation of my profession.

  • Secondly, personal growth and professional development are concepts that I prize. You can expect that I will encourage you in both of these areas.

  • Finally, another one of my core goals is to coach you to overcome obstacles. I will assist you in becoming the best possible version of yourself– RWA

Lea Gardin, M.Ed.

Meet-Calgary-PsychologistsRegistered Provisional Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology established in 2003. Clinic member since spring 2017. Lea is a strong individual in her own right. She has an exceptional capacity to understand and show empathy. She is remarkable with regards to being in tune with emotions and how to express them. Regardless of how you are feeling right now, Lea will understand and help you to feel better about yourself and your situation.

I am a Provisional Psychologist & member of the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP). A Licensed Professional Counselor of Texas (inactive), currently specializing in private practice counseling.

Lea sees clients with individual, family, relationship, and work stress, regardless of where you reside on the planet. You would like to make an appointment with a Registered Psychologist and you want to feel a connection with another person. Lea Gardin is exceptional with “recognizing your emotions,” “emotional expression”, and has a rare talent with family issues. She is “uniquely empathic,” and can establish a mutually satisfying relationship with anyone.


Telephone Sessions & Parenting Tips

“I feel that a respectful and trusting relationship helps my clients build strong coping skills and encourages positive change.” “My counseling philosophy is based mostly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I believe that optimistically restructuring thoughts will help shape healthy behaviors and build confidence.”

Therapeutic Process

All of us perceive the world in ways that differ from everyone else. We require special encouragement to think with our own interests at heart, problem-solve, and to behave in responsible ways. Our thoughts shape our behaviors. “I will assist you to to be your own best friend, and to challenge yourself to build a happier frame of mind.”

Jacqueline Limoges, M.A.

Calgary-Psychologists-InternationalI know Jacqueline to be a Graphic Designer in her previous life. So expect her to bring a unique sense of creativity to your sessions. Jacqueline is passionate about helping her clients. Again, expect her to make creative, out-of-the-box suggestions to guide you to successfully achieve your counseling goals.

She strives to support each individual’s sense of autonomy and wellbeing. Her education, training, and experience have prepared her in helping others to make healthier lifelong changes. More importantly, she will help you to live more meaningfully and purposefully. You’ll feel better aligned with your own personal values.

Meet-Calgary-PsychologistsRegistered Provisional Psychologist
Calgary, Alberta.

Counseling is exploratory. As such, any needs that you bring will be focused on with integrity, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and compassion. As a Client-centered therapist, Jacqueline believes in you. “You have the inner resources it takes to overcome life’s difficulties. I would feel honored to support you. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, or life transitions. Other interests include self-esteem, motivation, work conflict, autonomy, and assertiveness. We also assist with self-awareness, relationships, separation/divorce, trauma, grief /loss, and substance abuse.

Therapeutic modalities I work with include Solution Focused Therapy; Strength-Based Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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