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Richard W. Anton MA, BA, Dip Ed

Richard W. Anton MA, BA, Dip Ed

Think of me as your Performance Coach. You want to have less stress, better relationships, more explicit, persuasive communication. Feel accepted and appreciated. Feel happier and more confident. Richard Anton is a senior counseling psychologist, an executive coach, and a public speaker. Make your individual appointment – click here.

Trained Executive Coach with a particular interest in leadership and a licensed Psychologist. For Calgary Psychologists, the therapeutic process begins before you even arrive at the office for your first visit. Once you’re here, you’ll be exposed to a professional approach to providing therapy that is steeped in positive psychology. My style involves assisting you in the development of new skills. Their implementation will elevate your performance and help you to complete your goals. You will feel better, more confident. This is a strength-based coaching approach. It includes the use of strength-based assessments (where applicable) to provide you with objective and practical feedback. As such, I’ll work with you to uncover your strengths and utilize those strengths to face personal or professional challenges.

For those times when you want to feel more focused and be less distractable, Calgary Psychologists may also recommend hypnotherapy or suggest imagery & visualization.  As in sports psychology, I urge you to use your imagination to “see yourself” experiencing your best in a range of situations or environments. Maintain high performance while in stressful or challenging situations, and perform at a very high level of confidence.

Richard’s experience with individuals and couples led him to develop his leadership performance approach. Self-care and personal responsibility are the foundation on which personal/professional success and happiness is built.  I will accept, encourage, challenge and inspire you. Working together will improve your ability to create the emotional and interpersonal experiences you desire.

Create a version of yourself that inspires you
  • First, continuous improvement is one of my core values and goals. I will bring optimism and have a positive influence on you. This is an essential aspect of my personality and not just an expectation of my profession.
  • Secondly, personal growth and professional development are concepts that I prize. You can expect that I will encourage you in both of these areas.
  • Finally, another one of my core goals is to coach you to overcome obstacles. Assisting you in becoming the best possible version of yourself  – RWA
Lea Gardin, M.Ed.
Registered Provisional Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

As a Provisional Psychologist of the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) and a Licensed Professional Counselor of Texas (inactive), Lea currently specializes in private practice counseling with clients dealing with an individual, family, relationship issues and work stress.   Lea is also experienced working with children and families at the ChildTrauma Academy (CTA). Make your individual appointment – click here.

Lea has worked with most individuals during challenging times. She feels that a respectful and trusting relationship will help the client build strong coping skills and encourage positive change.  Her counseling philosophy is based mostly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She believes that optimistically restructuring thoughts will help shape healthy behaviors and build confidence.

Children and teenagers view life from different perspectives than do adults. She encourages them to think and behave uniquely in appropriate ways. As thoughts shape behaviors, Lea helps individuals to challenge themselves to build a happier frame of mind.

Modestine Carole bilingual French/English

When human beings endure severe life stressors, feel worried all the time, feel sad or that they have no energy, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My great passion is bringing healing to people who experienced those traumatic/stressful moments. I have expertise in helping teenagers and adults to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships. Then they can feel peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

No single approach is the right one for every individual. Considering that each is a cultural being, I have been trained to understand the uniqueness of my client. My education: Ph.D. candidate (haven’t defended yet) in cognitive and intercultural Psychology. Completed my Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Social-Organizational Psychology from the University of Paris 8/France. I have a master and a bachelor degree in Social Psychology from the University of Yaoundé I/Cameroon. In 2012.

My first book, written in Germany focuses on approaching the social aspects that impact women’s professional aspirations. I co-wrote another book in France focusing on the resolution of the post-electoral crisis in Ivory Coast. I have also written several articles on various other topics.


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