Who is more important, you or your audience? Your audience and your message are of paramount importance, of course. The presenter is merely the conduit or a messenger.

You have an upcoming company presentation. You’re concerned about how you’ll be perceived. A polished impact should describe your delivery. There are three approaches that, when layered together, just might assist us in delivering our best speeches ever!

Structure – you’ll need to devise a concise format. One that allows you to say everything significant about your message. Always grab their attention right up front and close strongly.

Content – The most apparent error most speakers make is insufficiently attending to their content, getting most of it right but falling short, and lacking depth or talking about something irrelevant to the audience.

A presentation with impact is one that takes the audience on an adventure (about something they’re interested in). Drill-down, and make it simple rather than broad or complex. If you lose your audience by stroking your own ego in order to show them how smart you are, who wins?

Delivery or Pacing – help your audience to digest, not merely hear you talk. Does your audience need to answer key questions post-presentation, such as “what was the speaker’s main message?” Consider peppering your talk with pauses. “What was my take away?” Utilize dramatic pauses that provide people the opportunity to think about what you’re saying.

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