Career & Professional Advancement

Hire and work with a senior coach or psychologist

Feel more secure. Feel more self-confident. Feel more like the person you value most. Consider how you’re feeling right now. Your emotional state is essential to your career advancement as well as your personal and professional development. Engage in a 3-month program, or secure 2 – 3 individual sessions before you commit.

Professions and Industries We Have Experience Working With:
Career Advancement

For many of us, career advancement means learning and practicing leadership skills and strategies. If you’re further along, leadership entails “executive presence” and “gravitas.” We will discuss what is most important for you to elevate yourself or to move ahead. You may also relate to the following thoughts on “Don’t Change Your Career, Change Your Mindset.”

Team Coaching

Take the same potent, insightful approach used to enhance individual careers, multiply by, say six team members, and teams start to evolve into powerhouses. Power up your team because “powerful is what you want.

As Leaders Grow, Companies Grow

Consider the breakthroughs possible for those who work with one of North America’s top executive and CEO coaches. Richard W. Anton offers discreet, transformational and business-practical coaching for business executives seeking to accelerate their performance and that of their organizations.

Provocative and enlightening, his input will open your eyes to self-created barriers, dramatically increase your effectiveness as a leader and inspire you to bold action and breakthrough results.

Whether you’ve recently been promoted to a new C-Suite role, are determined to achieve business results at a new level or are focused on creating the next chapter of your career, you are welcome to schedule a discovery dialogue session to explore this sophisticated and rigorous coaching approach for yourself.