“The Counseling Event”

Calgary Counselling Psychologists

The Counseling Event is a new psychotherapy or counseling opportunity. It is a rare way for us to make sense of and understand the complexities of life, plus find solutions to our concerns.

People around the planet are considering accessing therapy or “The Counseling Event” for themselves, right now. Create a life-long asset for yourself, and consider utilizing this ritualized event. You will cultivate a comfortable relationship with your Psychologist of choice. There are two primary avenues of access to a Psychologist – 1) opportunity; 2) crisis.


The Counseling event is an opportunity to increase, enhance or improve your personal understanding of any situation. Gain a better sense of the vagaries of life. Develop more or deeper meaning of what’s important to you. Find a silver lining that you can take action on. Learn a life lesson, but one that you can believe in and value. Cultivate a stronger personal identity.


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