The Luxurious Life

These days it’s so easy to know what is “luxurious.” Specific types of cars and homes are luxurious. Expensive vacations are luxurious, right? Jewelry. For some, a regular session with their psychologist. Advertisers and marketers have made it a point to ensure that we are able to recognize luxury when we hear it or see it. They’ve made sure that we have these associations on the tips of our tongues.

On a more personal level, luxury is even more specific for each individual. If you’re a connoisseur, a certain wine may be luxurious, but this wouldn’t hold true for everyone. You might have to be educated about this product.

Emotional luxury

What do we mean by “emotional luxury?” There isn’t any learning or education required. We don’t need to be told or have associations explained to us. We instinctively know when we’re happy.

Feeling happy, joyous, and free is potentially all examples of emotional luxury. If an emotional experience holds significant meaning for you, then it is very luxurious to you. Your preferred emotions, normally positive ones will be luxurious, and the more intense the feeling, the more luxurious.

Living a disciplined life will give rise to a more consistent experience of luxury. Consider the Christmas season as an example. We tend to eat more and spend more than normal. What we consume normally consists of more sugar.

After Christmas, the outcome of our spending often enough causes us increased feelings of financial stress. In addition, to our undisciplined spending, our lack of rigor around healthy eating causes many of us to make New Year’s resolutions about eating better and losing weight. This is just an indication of our dissatisfaction with the state that our previous eating habits have created.

Living a Disciplined Life Gives Rise to a Happier Life

Love. Express it wherever you can. Enjoy being love’s recipient, too.

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