This Could Be Heaven

“Everyone is doing the best they can.”

Everything we create in life begins in the mind, first, so why not create heaven.

It’s time to get familiar with the verb, “valuing.” Certainly, you’ve already become familiar with a “gratitude journal.” It’s the idea of journaling about various aspects of your life that you appreciate, that you’ve previously overlooked. The intention is to recapture feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life.

It’s fundamentally the same with “valuing.” Think about your business, your back yard, relationships, home, or anything that you’re already doing or have. Dwell upon it until you begin to see previously overlooked aspects that you really do value. The intention is to develop greater awareness of what you value so that you can bring a new degree of deliberate action to it.

“As I sit on my deck, sipping my morning coffee, enjoying the cute little squirrels, blackbirds bathing in the morning sun, and nature generally, I become aware that I’m living in paradise.”

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