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How much does it cost to see a psychologist in Calgary?

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Calgary Psychologists – as mental health specialists – have a governing body, like medical doctors, that sets a standard rate for their counseling fee. The governing body’s recommended standard fee is $220 for a 50-minute session, however . . .

At Calgary Psychologists International,

each therapist determines their fee, which varies between $150 and $225 for a full hour. My fee for 1-hour of supportive counseling is $180. Click here to book either a Wednesday or Thursday virtual session with me. I have a solid interest in seeing adults with ADHD, single moms, OCD, anxiety and depression.

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Book your first zoom session here with TD Crowfoot if you can see how getting personal support can assist you in your desire to discover a state of emotional evolution in your journey.

Value Your EmotionsConsider a weekly check-in (virtually) with one of our family of psychologists:



Schedule your 60-minute consultation with Calgary Psychologists.
We now offer virtual visits and in-person sessions – Available hours typically are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm Mountain time. Yes, we offer evening appointments as well.

Calgary locations – Suite 1800, Calgary Place 1, 330 – 5th Avenue S.W. Contact us 24/7 at 403.263.5543 or click the following links to book online.


All appointments are 1-hour sessions:


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