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Starting Over

psychologist-of-choiceWhen life feels too much out of sync, you think you should start over again, but get it right this time. Let me or one of my colleagues assist you in getting back into that mental space that feels great, where you’re making super decisions again.

Easy access

Amrit Kaur – Monday & Friday mornings, virtual appointments only

Tracy Firth Thursday morning virtual meetings only

Jacqueline LimogesTuesday & Friday mornings, virtual meetings only

Richard W. AntonMon – Friday, Your choice of virtual or in-person sessions.

100% of ALL appointments are now virtual when you’re starting over. We’ve provided our present clients with Zoom sessions throughout the COVID pandemic. These sessions are both convenient and confidential. They’re the responsible choice. Try one out. Create an appointment with your Psychologist of choice.psychologist-of-choice

If you’d prefer an in-person session with your Psychologist of choice, know that we usually offer this alternative at all locations. Due to Calgary’s high numbers, 100% of all appointments are now held virtually. Sanitization and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort.


“I’ve researched the psychology of leadership and high-performance and identified multiple ways you could boost your effectiveness. Would you be interested in hearing about those areas of improvement?” First, know that authentic leadership is not about your job title. If you’re relying on your title, you’ve identified a weakness. Leadership is fundamentally about influencing others, and the art of accomplishing this is through the eloquent utilization of soft skills.

Telehealth sessions are NOW available 100% by telephone or Zoom. Coaching by phone – Monday – Friday – Zoom sessions.

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