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Continuous improvement counseling saved my life, allowing me to evolve from an almost certainly sad story to a love story. Experience an inner psychological blossoming. Simple, rigid, and narrow thoughts will eventually give way to greater energy and an inspiring way of seeing and feeling. But you don’t have to wait.” – Richard W. Anton

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Feel like you’ve got nothing to lose? Can I help? When I was only a young man, a friend asked me why people seem to have to “hit bottom” before they’re willing to make a change. Of course, I didn’t have a good answer. Perhaps I still don’t know for sure.  But I’ve counseled many people who have come out of very dark places. So whatever you’re situation, I feel confident that you can make progress too. If you’re finally ready for a virtual session, talk with Tracy, Jacqueline, or Amrit.

Welcome to Our Family of Psychologists

Start your day by clarifying “what’s most important to you” with a stimulating and encouraging conversation with your therapist. Tracy, Jacqueline, & Amrit can have a zoom session with you.

The joy and excitement of any holiday or special event can also be distasteful, stressful, and depressing. If the very thought of what the impending season brings is enough to make you shudder, consider how you might handle yourself if you knew how to be better prepared.

There are always creative ways to conduct yourself so you feel more satisfied, confident, and self-assured. CLICK here to book a zoom session with Calgary Psychologists International.


“By moving past our usual self-absorption, we can learn to focus deeply on others, reading their behavior at the moment, seeing what motivates them, and discerning any possible manipulative tendencies.” – Robert Greene.

Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed on counseling

An Emotional Journey

You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone. If you don’t, you should. Making things happen means you’ll have to take action. You’re in good company. The identity of many success stories includes working with either a coach or Psychologist. Here’s a metaphor for you: Whether you’re climbing out of a hole or climbing up a mountain, the journey is the same. Your emotions are different. – Richard Anton

Through the Counseling process, your “emotions evolve” through well-thought-out decisions. Ultimately, you experience “emotional power.”

Emotions – This is who we are 🙂

Emotional Power is about feeling your best – safe, confident, & creative. We can work out with our neighbors, go for a run, write in a journal, talk with friends, or practice meditation and mindfulness. Each one of these activities generates a different and unique emotional energy. Not all of them will create “the right energy that we need.” We must slow down and choose wisely.

Feel ConfidentFeeling our best and being creative is a gift that might vanish from wherever it came from if not treated with the respect it deserves. We need and want emotional power and “spiritual power” for every moment of our lives. We have emotional needs that deserve to be fulfilled.

If you can see how getting personal support can assist you in your desire to discover a state of emotional evolution in your journey, book your first zoom session here.

Counseling – This is what we’re all about 🙂


“Satisfy your curiosity and start feeling appreciated, respected, and admired.”

Life is confusing and uncomfortable. You’re just not feeling it – like you’re being let down. You realize that you’re not communicating or expressing your best anymore. You’re not accustomed to this. You’re about to go on an emotional journey to regain your emotional Power.

Psychologists International

Feel your best, again. Richard Anton and Calgary Psychologists International can help you to upgrade your social image by improving your self-concept. Family, friends, and colleagues need a reason to treat you better. Could you give them the motivation they need? Your social image starts with how you see and feel about yourself. Schedule a virtual appointment here.


Once it’s safe, we will slowly be adding “in-person sessions” back into our offerings. Most sessions will continue to take place virtually, as they are so convenient and super confidential. I will send you a ZOOM link, call you a few moments before, or see you in person at our session time. Try something new & secure one for yourself.

Calgary Psychologists International

If you’d prefer an in-person session, know that sanitization and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort.

Feel Confident

Psychological Comfort

Ensure that you enjoy emotionally comfortable living conditions. You should know that personal support is not only quite normal and healthy, but it assists you in discovering emotional health with minimal effort. Ideally, that leads directly to exceptional, emotionally comfortable living conditions.

Feel Confident

Wherever possible, to meet or exceed higher standards and ensure more excellent reliability, Calgary Psychologists International will utilize psychological assessments. We employ only the most valid and reliable psychological assessments available and are organized into coaching protocols. You can access these coaching protocols here.

Feel Confident

Calgary Psychologists International


satisfy your curiosity


There’s confusion in the air, yet you’re interested in learning, growing, making a personal change, improving, and evolving. Our psychological services can work for you. Calgary Psychologists International is a small group of Psychologists. This is what we’re all about. In uncertain times we collaborate, support & encourage each other, and we will do the same for you.


I am a strong advocate of meditation.

Check it out 🙂


Calgary  Psychologists and “our clinic, started back in 2003 to reflect the motto Live well – Feel great! Emotional Power is our capacity to cultivate calm, nurture healing, provide recovery support, encourage integration, and provide personal and professional development that our clients appreciate. What we do is self-evident. How we do it depends upon you. You’re an original. We customize your counseling, therapy, and coaching sessions” according to what’s most important to you. Let’s move forward together to achieve our dreams. You can book your first customized session here. Richard W. Anton

Services & Fees

Life is presenting you with unexpected challenges. There is a Way.


Schedule your 60-minute consultation with Calgary Psychologists.
100% of ALL appointments are now virtual – Available hours typically are Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Mountain time.

Calgary locations – two downtown areas and a third in the far NW.

  • Contact us 24/7 at 403.263.5543 or click one of the following links to book online.


UPGRADE YOUR SOCIAL IMAGEThe relationship between your Psychologist and their client is more important than where we meet. Schedule your consultation or zoom session here. You will create a date and time just like you do for any other appointment. However, inform us of your preference for a “zoom session” or a “telephone session.” Your Psychologist will call you at the number that you leave for us. You will be able to speak freely and enjoy the benefits of complete confidentiality.


All appointments are 1-hour sessions:


In rare situations, you’ll need to reschedule an appointment. Call us at 403.263.5543, or reschedule the appointment yourself from our online scheduler. Please make a note of our 2-business day cancellation policy. Adherence to this policy will ensure that you avoid late charges. “Late fees” are only associated with unused or scheduled appointment times not canceled within 2-business days.

Consider one of our coaching programs for yourself or refer us to someone you know is interested. Coaching programs are structured to meet both sides of your needs. First, they help you move toward your desired solution or desired future. Plus, they function to push you away from your current problem situation. They include all associated support materials. This includes all your sessions and strengths-focused psychological assessments. Receive a dashboard of your strengths, potential vulnerabilities, performance enhancement targets, and related articles of interest.


We are a small boutique operation with a diversity of Psychologists and a small number of clinic locations. Our primary focus is on providing you with high-quality personalized service that large EAP firms cannot. Our ideal business client is a small and medium-sized, centrally located business. Since optics are vital to you, our first-rate personalized style will ensure your people feel that you care about their well-being.

In situations where leaders want to reduce friction and eliminate conflict, we can also be of assistance. A combination of leadership coaching and team-building comes together to establish harmonious relationships.

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