Amrit Kaur

Is it time for a change?

This is your invitation to create a therapeutic connection with another authentic individual. You will feel comfortable talking with Amrit. She’ll make sure of it. Due to your situation, Amrit will take your sessions seriously, but naturally, you know? Meet face to face in the office, or enjoy the convenience of a virtual visit, which also means an extra level of confidentiality you’ll appreciate.

What We Do as Psychologists

Amrit Kaur is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with extensive experience in counseling roles. “Therapy is a collaborative process that will assist you to feel better and progress in life by identifying and setting better, more refined life goals for better mental health.” A unique psychotherapeutic approach can be more effective than a one-size-fits-all. I’m ready to listen to and support you with your challenge.

Amrit Kaur, Provisional Psychologist, M.A.

Talk about concerns about your past and boundary issues; sometimes, you want to feel heard. Sometimes, you may be faced with family issues involving relatives and others you may live with. Consider writing in a “gratitude journal” or a “progress journal.” Here are a few more free resources you may like.

I know Amrit to be

“I am empathic, compassionate, and multi-lingual, providing counseling services in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. Academically, I hold a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Psychology. I work well with youth, individuals, and families, challenging unhealthy thinking and behaviors, such as substance addiction and strained relationships, and regulating emotions. From this experience, I can meet your needs best.”

Registered Provisional Psychologist

“We’re here to support and encourage you to be your best and experience the best. Trust the process. It’s simple. You talk. We listen. What we hear may surprise you.” – Richard W. Anton.

When you’re ready, please make an appointment with one of our Registered Provisional Psychologists and experience a real connection with an understanding and empathic person.


To start, I’ll utilize “Positive Psychology” and a fundamental “cognitive,” “emotional,” and “behavioral” approach in our sessions. I’ll listen carefully to understand what’s most important to you. Then add even further value by highlighting your strengths and what’s unique about you. Excellent solutions tend to follow.

It is pretty standard for our clients to bring their concerns about addictive behaviors, feeling stressed out, career dissatisfaction, and relationship issues. Low self-esteem, anger management problems, questions about developing emotional strengths, and concerns about physical health are also typical.

mental health with Amrit

Enhance Yourself

Do you have an issue or a problem that you want to resolve? My recommendation is to enhance who you are and feel more resilient. Beef up your skillset without changing who you are and have a more significant impact and efficacy regardless of the situation or the environment. Problems always exist. They are not a reflection on you. How well you face problems and position yourself for them makes the difference.

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