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We’ve been providing our present clients with Zoom sessions throughout the COVID pandemic with great success. These sessions are both convenient and confidential. Try one out

If you’d prefer an in-person session, know that we also offer this alternative at all of our locations. Sanitization and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort.

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You & Counseling Psychologists

How you’re feeling right now is a personal matter. Although it might just as easily be related to professional development. Your concerns may reflect the sudden onset of a problem or a longterm issue. Regardless of whether you’re interested in brief counseling for a transient concern, or psychotherapy for a longstanding issue. Our primary focus is on assisting and supporting you to feel better, faster.

Common concerns

Counseling Therapists Discuss Everyday

The most common concerns that people bring are those you might not even realize are common everyday concerns. They range from relationship problems with a spouse to relationship issues at work. Suicidal thoughts to cultivating a strong executive presence at work. Read about our counseling therapists, the emotional benefits of therapy, plus get general information on our therapeutic services.  We have four Calgary, Alberta locations. Sun Life Psychology, TD Psychology, Crowfoot Counseling, and Altius Psychologists.

We can be found by searching for our founder. Richard Anton Calgary or Richard Anton Psychology. Calgary’s Richard Anton (trained and licensed as a developmental psychologist) is a proponent of utilizing meditation as a vehicle to achieve your preferred emotional zone. This will make it easier for you if you are interested in optimal experiences or accelerated performance. Also known as Anton Counseling & Health Psychology or simply Anton Counseling we will assist you with your efforts of Self Improvement.

Counseling Psychologists & Mental health professionals specialize in various fields of psychology. Counseling Psychologists have an advanced degree in counseling, guidance, psychology, or a combination and are members of one or more psychology associations. Psychologists typically focus on mental health, are cognitive, behavioral, or emotive psychologists, and are often trained as clinical psychologists. We are experienced in health psychology. Our coaching programs focus on human behaviors and clinical counseling.

We love the feeling of physical energy, strength, or power. But, did you realize that we can stimulate these feelings ourselves? We don’t always have to wait until we wake up one morning feeling motivated.

Try this brief psychological exercise

Close your eyes and calm yourself.  Like you’re meditating. Now let yourself remember a time that you enjoyed feeling powerful, strong, or energetic. Remain focused on this memory. In your mind, allow yourself to remember the physical feeling, the visual appearance of your experience, recall the sounds. Now, ask yourself, what you like best about this memory. What does feeling so strong and energetic provide you?

You are feeling it now, aren’t you? Practice with this psychological exercise regularly. If you work out in a gym, you should also work out your emotions and cognitions, too.

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