Essential Thoughts

Thoughts create a work-life balance. And we all share some understanding of how this works or doesn’t work in our lives. 1) I love my work, and 2) I enjoy playing. If you don’t feel that you can honestly say that you love your work, I might be able to talk to you about how you can answer this question without thinking that you’re tricking yourself.

Research on “flow” experiences clearly indicates that to experience flow our work must provide us with a challenge and that we must have sufficient skills to apply to the challenge. Also, we must find the process enjoyable.

One without the other does not work as effectively. I’d get bored with only playing, and even though I love my work, it insists that I play if I want to be effective. When we function as a conduit for both work and play, we become creative.


“My Most Essential Thoughts”

Some of my most essential thoughts are those of self-encouragement. “You can do it.” “Sense everything you possibly can.” “You’re lucky and need to engage life and contribute to it.” “Despite how you feel right now, days always seem to end well.” “Put in as much energy as you possibly can and be very still, too.” “Live life on this continuum.”


“Sacred Super Fantastic Thoughts”

Although many SSFTs abound, I’ll focus here on those I refer to as Power Zone stimulators. First, I enjoy thinking in new, fresh, and creative ways. Completely new positive thoughts or new patterns of ideas. Next, I naturally seem to honor and respect myself, allowing, whenever I have the capacity or awareness, to reflect on how I have in the past, or can in the moment or future, honor myself in creative ways.

For instance, I enjoy sitting silently by the window, enjoying the serenity a well-lit garden provides me. A glowing fire by my side further illuminates my space, a bulletproof coffee in hand. Later, I’ll take on the running trails near my home, exciting my body and mind with speed, high-energy tunes, surging serotonin, and coursing dopamine through my veins. I’m not aiming to balance my life between speed and stillness, I simply love them both. Both are positive, healthy, and are a part of a “sacred, super fantastic experience.”

When we start combining our strengths of thought and behavior, in this way, aligning the best of our habits with the strongest of our attitudes, we create Power Moves: The best energy we can possibly create and share. It is worth the time and effort it takes to create them. 

“A simple behavior stimulates a quiet thought, which very gently begins to become aware of a peaceful feeling.” Richard W. Anton


But I don’t want one feeling alone. I enjoy the thrill of my fastest run, challenging my abilities with the longest and steepest hills. As exhilarating as it is, I always allow myself to re-experience still serenity again. Continuous rocking movement back and forth between my two loves.

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