“Everyone is doing the best they can.”

“The “self-image” is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.” Maxwell Maltz, M.D.

Everything we create in life begins in mind, first, so why not create heaven? Why not go after your biggest dream? It’s the right time to find a new positive way of looking at yourself. As a bonus, find your self-confidence.

Self-Image Starts from Within



It’s time to get familiar with the verb “valuing.” Indeed, you’ve already become familiar with a “gratitude journal.” It’s the idea of journaling about your life’s various aspects that you appreciate that you’ve previously overlooked. The intention is to recapture feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Plus, developing a “gratitude journal” holds the added value of not having to concern yourself with someone accidentally reading it. In fact, leave it out intentionally and watch what happens. I mean, it couldn’t hurt your case.


Valuing basically involves a similar process. Since we can only focus on a limited amount of information at any one time, perhaps focusing on what you love instead of what you don’t might help, but don’t fall into the trap of expecting others to join in with you just because you think it might be a good idea. That’s too close to manipulation.


Lead the way for yourself, and if what you’re doing really does hold value, the right person will eventually notice and show you their appreciation. But even if they don’t, you’d be expanding aspects of your awareness that you really, truly value, and could that be harmful?

Wayne dyer – an American self-help author – once told a story that explained this idea that “what we focus our attention on – tends to expand – and becomes our life.” You might want to test this out for yourself.


“Stretched out, lounging on my deck, sipping my morning coffee, enjoying the cute little squirrels, blackbirds bathing in the morning sun, and nature gently unfolding, I become aware that I’m living in paradise.” Richard W. Anton

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