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    Mom & Dad

    My dad appeared confident at least on the outside. My mom seemed comparatively more insecure. However, appearances are often misleading. As I said, my mom didn’t appear confident in an extroverted manner. At the same time, I felt her presence as a calm and steady person, committed to her connections. Regardless of how old either of us got or where in the country we lived, she remained my mom. I was always her son. There is something about relationships with other people that bring out our best. It’s not a given, truly. Get in bed with the wrong person, personally or professionally, and you’ll feel the pressure to behave in…

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    Leadership Lattice

    Those who aspire to lead and influence are served up with a tumultuous journey if they are to be considered successful. There is a multitude of serious considerations along the way. Consider the following for yourself. Which of these express strong for you? Meaning of Power Communication Personal Attitude of Self Relationship Acuity Leadership EQ Leadership Intentions Identity & Vision Leadership Values Competence & Confidence           CREATIVE COUNSELLING – PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – SPECIALIZATIONS – EMOTIONAL BENEFITS –