Psychospiritual Psychology

Psychology and spiritual experience overlap. This overlap is emotionally personal and potent due to its importance to us. We can take a Psychospiritual perspective on health, relationship development, and therapy. Spiritual oriented psychology is – in essence – the study of consciousness of mind. It is concerned with psychological and spiritual practices, disciplines and experiences. What we think, feel, believe and expect. A psychospiritual perspective allows us the ability to address unique or special topics in psychotherapy.

States and Practices

As a psychologist, I acknowledge the importance of numerous psychospiritual states and practices. Mystical states, mindfulness or meditative practices, and ritualistic states can all be discussed. Spiritual experience and distressed states such as depression or anxiety overlap.

Psychotherapy from this perspective helps clients explore. What’s most important  in life  to you, your values, passions, and what keeps you energized. We can explore what supports or hinders the growth, healing, unfolding, and evolution of your conscious mind.

Client Benefits

You might benefit from this approach, if you’re:

  • Pursuing a spiritual discipline or a nontraditional spiritual path. Feeling challenged integrating your spiritual practice into your everyday life.
  • Feeling unsure you can talk about your spiritual practices with a non-professional. Concerned your approach or experience won’t be validated or understood by people you know.
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, lacking meaning in life, or experiencing career or relationship issues. In need of support and need an environment where those issues can be dealt with in a psychospiritual context.

This approach to therapy is Important to You

Remember, your ego, personality, daily life, work, and relationships are all important aspects of your self.

inspired by Charles Martin

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