A Personal Pace


It’s time to consider developing a new “Personal Pace” for yourself. It’s time. Start being “true” to yourself. Take an honest look at your life and your career. You’ve got some difficult decisions to make. Find your pace and find self-care. You’ll be happier.

It’s easy to push yourself, only to realize at some future point that you’re feeling miserable. Your timing might not be right. If you were a professional athlete, pushing yourself might be a regular part of your routine. Feeling a great deal of support from your team might also be routine. Mandatory recovery time and creating a “performance state” is also part of a competitive routine.

But professional athletes are also very fortunate to be playing a game for a living.

The capacity of the familiar

The very things in life that are most familiar to us are the very things that put us in our zone and make us feel calm, relaxed, happy, focused, and confident. The problem is that what is familiar is not always good for us. While we’re in our zone is when we can accomplish and achieve. The problem seems clear. The very things and activities that put us in our zone are often misaligned with our ability to achieve what’s important to us.


Flow & The Rhythms of Nature

I’m not recommending that you lose your career, ditch your ambitions, or drop all your luxurious possessions. At the same time, I am wondering how we can – if it’s even a good idea – prioritize these motivations lower and simultaneously elevate our motivations to connect with nature. Nature in it’s the broadest sense, not merely trees and frogs. Consider emotions, beliefs, expectations, the mind, our sense of purpose and of spirit.

Spend some time figuring out a way to take breaks long before you think you need them. When we wait for our rational mind to trigger this, we’ve already pushed ourselves for too long. Try this as an experiment for yourself, if you can.

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