Rhythmic Undercurrent

There is a rhythmic undercurrent to life. It can’t really be explained, only sensed. It’s there when we fail. Again, when we’re suffering, and even when we’re smiling or feeling on top of the world. It is definitely a part of what makes miracles.

It’s important, perhaps essential to align our goal-related efforts with larger more pervasive concerns. This facilitates our Rhythmic Undercurrent, emotionally. Life itself speaks to us in various ways. Through our dreams, during meditations, life lessons and other experiences.

Rebelling against this stronger “stream of life” may just cause us grief, turmoil, and frustration. Allowing ourselves to flow with the natural current of life can prove fruitful and create miracles. As long as we are simultaneously being in alignment with our values.

Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide.

Rhythmic UndercurrentRhythmic Undercurrent

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