Sadness contains an ever-present degree of depressed energy levels. You may not always acknowledge the sadness or even that you’re feeling down, but this lack of enthusiasm is physically and emotionally palpable. It’s a dull feeling that pervades your entire body and mind, affecting the quality and meaning of your life; it’s terrible as if you’ve had the top-end of your energy tank removed.

Whereas you might normally bring 100% of yourself to any activity, sadness zaps 20-40% of your top end, so the best you can come up with is 60-80%, tops. You can’t compete. Even if you wanted to, you don’t have what it takes.

lack of enthusiasm

Don’t Let it Define You.

Sadness, depressed energy levels, or a lack of enthusiasm can become chronic and thus a new normal. Not quite depression, similar to a low-grade depression. Our daily habits define our lives. Consider upgrading both the quality and meaning of those habits.

Sadness precludes other emotions, such as joy, rapture, excitement, and thrill, emotions that we might prefer to enjoy at the high end of our emotional experience. Need help?

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